Bear Creek is always accepting applications for employment at our facility. We have several areas to choose from, and several shifts & days available. We are open year-round, 7 days a week.

We are currently seeking candidates for the following positions:

  • Golf Operations - Outside Service Attendant (Part-Time / Full-Time)
  • Golf Course Maintenance - Greenskeeper (Full-Time)
  • Golf Course Maintenance - Mechanic (Full-Time Salary)
  • Food and Beverage - Line Cook (Part-Time / Full-Time Seasonal)

If you are interested in seeking employment @ Bear Creek, you can submit an employment application below.

Terms of Online Submissions

  • I understand and agree that either Bear Creek Golf Complex, or I can terminate our employment relationship at any time or without notice and with or without cause, as I am an at will employee. Notwithstanding any terms of the conditions of employment contained herein, I do not have an “employment contract”.
  • If I am injured on the job, I agree to notify my supervisor immediately following the injury or accident. I must seek treatment only as directed by Bear Creek Golf Complex unless I have notified Bear Creek Golf Complex in writing prior to the injury/accident. I further understand that any unauthorized treatment for an alleged injury will not be reimbursed under any conditions accept in the threat of possible death from alleged injuries. I also agree to submit to a drug and alcohol test immediately following the injury/accident in conjunction with any treatment for an on-the-job injury and understand that failure to submit to a drug and alcohol test ay result in the denial of benefits or payments for said injury as allowed by law. I further understand and agree that I will be subject to a drug and alcohol test if I cause or contribute to an on-the-job accident which results in injury to myself or others. I also understand that my refusal to submit to a drug and alcohol test under these stated conditions may result in my immediate termination as allowed by law.
  • I also agree that if at any time during my employment, I believe that I have been subjected to any type of discrimination because of race, gender, age, religion, color, national origin, disability, or other protected class, or that I have been subjected to any type of harassment including sexual harassment, I will immediately contact the human resource department in order to obtain assistance in the resolution of such matters.
  • I have been informed that the first 90 days of employment constitute an introductory period (unless specified otherwise by Bear Creek Golf Complex) and that I may be subject to waiting periods before I may be eligible to participate in employee benefits plans.

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